Tuesday, March 10, 2009

is wireless without strings?

I made time tonight to open the March/April Somerset Studio. I enjoy fixing a cup of hot tea or pouring a glass of wine and snuggling into my favorite reading chair for each publication. This month's Letter from the Editor struck a chord with me. Jenny Doh talks about how plugged in we all are and how that impacts us. Her last paragraph hit home... "How lucky are we that we have all the tools to show ourselves off? How challenged are we to turn off all the tools to allow ourselves the time to become who we need to become." She signed it "Sometimes on, sometimes off, Jenny Doh."

I can spend hours blog-surfing, managing emails, etc. By the time I get email cleaned up, it's passed bedtime & I have no time or energy left to create. I need to change. If you are succeeding at fitting in creative time, I'd love to hear your tips. Please post a comment and share your thoughts if you're willing!

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Daydreamer :) said...

My sister and I have had conversations along these lines in the past. We were discussing the fact that an artist wears many hats these days, photographer, promoter, web designer, technical support, secretary, customer service, quality control, cashier, accountant, etc., etc., etc. and I haven't even gotten to the creating (studio time) part yet.

I believe it's like anything else. You have to find balance. I'm still trying to figure it out, but I do feel like I'm getting closer. A huge thing for me was realizing negative influences in my life were wearing me out more than actually doing all the work.

H :)