Monday, February 24, 2014

in the beginning

This morning I came across this photo of the north side of my craft studio about 10 years ago. When I started di-did-it, I primarily sold floral arrangements, and this is how I stored my materials. The tubs were originally stacked on the west side of the studio, but it was a hassle to move the ones on top to get to the ones down low. The system shown above allowed the tubs to rest on wooden slats and pull out like drawers -- so much nicer. I kept the lids loosely on them just to keep dust at bay. Yes, I'm grateful for my talented hubby -- just told him exactly what I wanted and he built it. He surprised me with the ribbon storage made from wooden dowels slid into special grooved holders.... very similar to the tension rods you now see on Pinterest. 

Today this area of the craft studio is where you'll find my sewing machine and treadmill (click here to see a photo). It seems my craft area is always changing as my interests change. How about you? Do your creative interests change over time or have they remained fairly consistent? 

Here's to creative outlets, however long-lived they are! :)


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