Friday, July 31, 2009

Snow White in July

The current challenge for Mixed Media Mischief Makers is Snow White. Personally, I don't care for the story; it's far too dark for my taste. However, I love a challenge and the members of MMMM are great, so I gave it a try. Here's my piece. I like it much more than my Alice in Wonderland piece. That one was far too busy for my taste. This one is simpler....more focused on what I wanted to draw attention to from the story.

This 8 x 8 mixed media on canvas includes acrylics, polymer clay, floral tape & UTEE. My photo doesn't show the color variation & texture of the background, but I think you get the gist. I tried to focus on the contrast between how ugly & cruel deception is and how it can deceive us with shiny, luscious beauty.

Tell me.... what part of Snow White captures your imagination?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jane, I've got a blow

Tonight, as I read the results I'd been waiting a month for, all I could think of was the line in Jane Eyre where Mr. Rochester learns Mason is in his house.... "Jane, I've got a blow; I've got a blow, Jane." Now, granted, my blow is much less by comparison, but it's definitely a let down. Allow me to explain.

As with many state fairs, having your photo selected for exhibit at the Photography Salon at the Iowa State Fair is an honor. I first entered in 2003 and all four of my photos were exhibited. One received honorable mention. I was shocked and thrilled. That year, 39% of the photos entered were exhibited. The next year, two of my four photos were exhibited. Overall, 36% of those entered were shown. I skipped five years and tried again this year. Tonight I learned none of my four were selected. I knew it would be tough since last year, only 22% were selected, but still..... it's disappointing.

As the news sank in, I kept thinking of the positive feedback I've received from my family, online friends & blog visitors. That feedback really helps put things in perspective for me. So what if the judges at our fair this year didn't care for my work, I like it, and so do others. I'll continue to photograph my way and be happy about it. And to those who've ever offered a positive comment on my work, I thank you!

If you're interested, I entered two of the photos already posted on my blog along with these two (without the watermarks, of course)...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I worked on my piece for the "Snow White" challenge I'm participating in. If I'd been thinking, I'd have taken a picture of my Sculpey Glaze mishap & share it as a blooper, but I thought of it too late. Suffice it to say when they say you can bake the glaze a few minutes to help seal it, they mean 1 or 2 minutes ~ not 5 or 6. LOL. Anyway, the background paint isn't dry so I can't yet assemble the piece. Thus, I'm sharing a photo I took today which captures some of my very favorite colors. I'll share the challenge piece yet this week (it's due 8/1).

a little push

"Our own well-being is always the result of healthy decisions for ourselves coupled with disengagement from the choices of others."
~ Karen Casey

I'll tell ya up front the sole reason I'm publishing this post is to push myself to create something today. I want to. I need to. I will. I've been taking care of family & other things for a month now with little/no down time. Today I'm taking a much-needed break to replenish myself. I'll be of no good to others if I don't stop & take care of myself. And, like most of you who visit my blog know, one of the very best ways to do that is through creative expression/escape. Whether it's good or bad, done or not, I'll post something tonight, then hopefully catch up on all the blogs I love to visit. You might see me tip-toeing through your blog in the next couple of days! Leave the porch light on.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

create where you can

I haven't had any studio time for three or four weeks (yes, I'm going through withdrawals) so I express myself wherever I can. Yesterday, it was mowing the front lawn. I think it looks like pond ripples around the tree. What do you see?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

it's how you look at things

Life threw a nasty curve my way a couple weeks ago, one I certainly didn't see coming. Ever. But with every painful, unhappy situation there's an opportunity. An opportunity to grow & become a better person, to help someone else, and yes, to be happy in spite of situations. Sometimes it takes us awhile to see it, but it's there. We need only look for it. That might mean changing our position.

This photo visually expresses what I'm saying. These plants are less then 1" tall. People rarely even notice them. They're growing out of the moss that grows in between our cobblestone patio. Lying on the ground with my camera on macro, I see another world. I can almost see the fairies dancing about. Can you?