Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jane, I've got a blow

Tonight, as I read the results I'd been waiting a month for, all I could think of was the line in Jane Eyre where Mr. Rochester learns Mason is in his house.... "Jane, I've got a blow; I've got a blow, Jane." Now, granted, my blow is much less by comparison, but it's definitely a let down. Allow me to explain.

As with many state fairs, having your photo selected for exhibit at the Photography Salon at the Iowa State Fair is an honor. I first entered in 2003 and all four of my photos were exhibited. One received honorable mention. I was shocked and thrilled. That year, 39% of the photos entered were exhibited. The next year, two of my four photos were exhibited. Overall, 36% of those entered were shown. I skipped five years and tried again this year. Tonight I learned none of my four were selected. I knew it would be tough since last year, only 22% were selected, but still..... it's disappointing.

As the news sank in, I kept thinking of the positive feedback I've received from my family, online friends & blog visitors. That feedback really helps put things in perspective for me. So what if the judges at our fair this year didn't care for my work, I like it, and so do others. I'll continue to photograph my way and be happy about it. And to those who've ever offered a positive comment on my work, I thank you!

If you're interested, I entered two of the photos already posted on my blog along with these two (without the watermarks, of course)...


Melissa said...

I'm sorry you didn't make it this year, but you are right - the judges didn't care for it, but that doesn't mean it isn't good! We hope you keep posting your wonderful photos!

K said...

Man, the competition must've been a tough one.
But if they only selected 1/5 of the photos it's easy to be left out, I think. Don't let it stop you!