Tuesday, November 23, 2010

haiku expressions - part 2

Phyll received my art piece so I can safely post a photo of it now. Phyll has a way with words, so I had a difficult time picking just one of several haiku she wrote. One, in particular, touched me, but my muse wasn't successful coming up with just the right visual representation to do it justice so I stepped away a few days and came back. This time, another haiku called to a part of me, and my muse was game! Here's the haiku Phyll wrote along with the piece I made to represent it:

I'm remembering
How mother loved fresh flowers
Tucked in every room.
She left me all her vases.
They don't fill the same.

Next up... we each create something artistic and the other writes a haiku to represent it. This should prove interesting! *smile*


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

haiku expressions - part 1

To challenge each other & ourselves, my online pal Phyll & I decided to try a collaboration. We each wrote a few haiku & the other person chose one and created a 5" x 7" representation. Here's the haiku I wrote & the beautiful representation piece I received from Phyll:

sweet nectar sustains
hovering so gracefully
blink and she is gone

The Friendly Plastic hummingbird is stunning! She's really taken FP places I haven't ventured yet. And isn't it cool how she incorporated an eye into the piece? Details! Art is in the details! Thank you, Phyll!

I'm mailing my piece to Phyll tomorrow, so will post a picture in the next few days.