Wednesday, March 18, 2009

in my prime

In prime numbers, I turned 15 yesterday, and what a fun day it was! I used coupons and gift cards for more art supplies. At the book store, I picked up the latest issues of Art Jewelry, Belle Armoire Jewelry and Somerset Digital Studio. I hadn't opened one of the Digital Studios before and am excited to dive in and see what's inside. Throughout the day, most of my family called to sing happy birthday &/or meet up with us for supper. The weather was fantastic and I have another good memory!

I hope you all enjoyed St. Patrick's Day yesterday also! TTFN ~ have to work today, but not a full day, so there will be time to play/create! I'm a happy girl...

"I'd like to grow very old as slowly as possible."
~ Irene Mayer Selznick

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