Sunday, March 15, 2009

they turned it off; I turned it on

How fortuitous it was our internet went down mid-afternoon Saturday. With no internet I had no excuse last night to do anything but create. I made a card for a birthday party I attended today (my Mom turns 78 March 21) & earrings to match a blouse. I also drilled holes in a few dominoes so I can see what that craze is all about. I can't wait to experiment!
Thank you, Mediacom, for enabling my creativity!


Stepping off the edge said...

you make me laugh! So much truth in all you say! and I am diggin' that blouse! Gorgeous! and earring match perfectly...((((hmm, maybe while she's out on her road trip, I'll sneak back to the closet)))
:0) hee hee

Carrie said...

Sounds good. Hope you are working on your Wonderland Challenge also lolol