Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a little organization please

Taking a cue from Melissa Haren who hosts a delightful & diverse blog, I'm going to put some structure around my blogging. I intend for this to not only help me stay on track with my goals, but be informational (and with any luck, inspirational) for anyone who reads my blog as well. My focus will be on three main categories:

  • arts & crafts (greeting cards, jewelry, mixed media, etc. made with Friendly Plastic, metal, polymer clay, acrylics, UTEE, the possibilities are endless... )

  • photography (anything from composition to camera settings to links to some great pictures &/or informational sites)

  • aromatherapy (information about essential oils, etc.)
Each week, I intend to learn something new &/or play in at least one, if not all three of these areas, and pass along that knowledge/ share the results with you. Are any of these areas you're interested in?

Please come along with me, and if you have skills and/or knowledge you'd like to share, I welcome it! If you have questions or comments, post them! I'm determined to engage & experience this life we're given and I'd love to do that with like-minded souls.

They say when you know you must teach others, you put more focus on retaining what you learn. I'm going to test that theory {smile}.


Melissa said...

You've peaked my interest and I welcome anything and everything in all 3 topic areas!!!!

Leslie said...

I'm glad to see you're focusing on three areas in your blog. I do that too: 1. Art 2. Kiran and Atticus 3. Everything else