Friday, April 24, 2009


We hit 85 degrees today in Iowa, which probably helped trigger the storms coming our way. I mowed & applied crabgrass preventer before the clouds rolled in and things got interesting. I sat outside for over an hour this evening, watching the clouds & lightning, listening to the birds chirping & the wind blowing. My dog on my lap with the warm wind on my face, blowing my hair, bringing smells of nature, fed my spirit. After becoming scared of rain storms after last year's challenges (we spent the summer remodeling the lower level of our split level home due to water damage), I found a peace tonight with the storm. I chose a different perspective. I'm no longer afraid of the rain ruining things. It might mess things up again, but I'm calm about it now. I once again love the sound of rain. Everything is and will be ok.

Peace be with you.

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