Thursday, April 9, 2009

don't disengage

Ya know those situations where you see or hear something, and you think to yourself... someone should say or do something.... you should say or do something..... but you keep walking by, driving by, whatever it is you're doing. You miss the chance to make a difference. You kick yourself, make an excuse and move on with your day. Well today when one of those opportunities presented itself, I stopped what I was doing and did something. I'm sorta shy. It felt awkward, but I kept at it. It was something very small, nothing really, but it was a connection with someone else... someone who I thought could use a hand, a smile, someone to care. Damn did it feel good. I want to do it again... engage rather turn my eyes or hope someone else will do something.

Why today? I dunno. I've been reading Patti Digh's book (see sidebar) and wouldn't be surprised if she nudged me. It's an amazing book from an amazing lady.

I had a great day. I hope you did too.

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patti digh said...

Those opportunities come very day. What a glorious day - such as yours - when we walk toward them instead of away from them.

(Thank you for your very kind words)

Consider this a nudge. :-)