Sunday, April 26, 2009

painted alice

I've been working on Alice for my mixed media piece for the Alice in Wonderland challenge at Mixed Media Mischief Makers. I made her from polymer clay and painted her with acrylics. I've always respected people who do intricate work on small objects... now even more so! I don't think this will be something I pursue regularly, but it's good to experiment & try new things. How else does one discover their bliss if they're not open to new experiences? Being new to most art mediums, it's all an adventure for me, ha! Anyway, here are before paint & after paint views.

I'll add her to the rest of the piece later this week and get it submitted by the May 1 deadline. I'm anxious to see the entries from the other members. They blew me away with their contributions to the Wicked challenge.

1 comment:

Melissa Haren said...

Looks good! Two things I can not do - Sculpt and paint! Can't wait to see her finished!