Sunday, October 27, 2013

life is a medley

The mixed media piece I started 9/15 is complete. It's called "life is a medley" and it was a good reintroduction to several techniques and mediums I hadn't used in quite a while. Not having done much in the craft studio the past year or two, I've gotten quite rusty. The old saying of "use it or lose it" rings true. Last night I ruined one of my favorite brass stencils using it with Friendly Plastic. Silly me forgot to apply a releasing agent of any kind first. Live and learn. If anyone knows how to remove FP from a brass stencil, would you please let me know? I've already spent more time on it than the stencil is worth, but they apparently don't make this one anymore. I searched online as well as our local Michael's and Joann's today to no avail. The local stores no longer carry brass stencils at all. It would seem they had to make room for the hundreds of new items they've added since my last shopping trip many moons ago. GEESH -- talk about being a kid in a candy store! I couldn't believe all the cool stuff the stores are carrying these days. I'm going to have to get busy setting up my Etsy shop in order to earn some spending money! 

On that note, I'm putting on the craft apron and heading to that side of the room. I hope you all have a glorious week ahead. If you're a Snoopy fan like me, don't forget "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" will air 7pm CT this Thursday, 10/31. Happy Halloween, everyone! 


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