Tuesday, October 22, 2013

kitchen remodel

If you've been following my blog for any length of time (goodness, can you believe next month will be the 5th anniversary?!), you've heard me mention our kitchen remodeling project. We started demolition in June 2012. With the exception of some drywall help (special thanks to hubby's brother and nephews for their mudding/texturing expertise), hubby & I did all the work ourselves in the evenings & on weekends, completing in June of this year. Gotta brag -- my husband and his mad skills truly ROCK -- he custom-built everything. I've held off sharing the before & after photos until I could get some evening shots, when the room is most beautiful. After putting out a few fall decorations this past Sunday night, I grabbed the camera... 

These are the before shots: 

The during shots at various stages: 

The daytime after shots: 

And some evening after shots:

And did you notice the blank wall behind the table? Looks like a perfect spot to display some artwork, doesn't it? I think it's time to play in the art/craft studio or grab the camera and go exploring [grin].



Gina said...

Beautiful! What a transformation and so impressive that you did it yourselves! I really like your material choices and it appears you've created such a bigger kitchen by opening up your wall.

Jaime Haney at www.jaimehaney.com said...

Holy cow! That turned out just gorgeous Di! No wonder you wanted to show off the remodel in the evening shots... it's just so beautiful and the ambience is so warm and welcoming. I am in love with that light over your table, where did you find that? It just belongs in there with that woodsy feel you have going. I love a rustic look. Everything you picked out from the tile(?) backsplash to the cabinets with that glass in them are just beautiful. And I happen to love black appliances. I had them at my last home and miss them.

I've lived through many reno's and it's tough but you guys did a fabulous job! Looks top notch!! *applause, applause!* Kudo's to you and your hubby.

Jaime Haney at www.jaimehaney.com said...

Oh and I just noticed as I looked through the photos again that you have matching lights over the sink! LOVE!

I gotta ask, did you get rid of your old china cabinet? Cause I can see that thing all painted up in black or aged turquoise and it would be fabulous in your art room!