Sunday, March 24, 2013

Well, friends, I must have overdone things last weekend. A bug caught me and held me captive this week. I'm on the road to recovery, but very fatigued so no crafting was done other than a little practicing of the half double stitch -- and I'm pleased to say the result was a square rather than being shaped like Iowa or some other state or object - ha! Rather than share a less-than-exciting picture of that, here's a snapshot of a deer from our state park outing last Sunday. I'm still learning this new camera so the photo isn't terribly clear, but aren't this girl's eyes gorgeous? 

It's snowing in Iowa again today. Mother Nature is laughing heartily at the calendar this year, for sure. I'm ready for Spring but the extended winter has kept the bald eagles around longer than usual, so that's been nice. I love to see them soaring overhead or sitting in the trees along the rivers. 

Have a great week everyone. Stay healthy & safe, and.... HAVE FUN! 


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Christi Hegstad said...

What gorgeous photos! It looks like you were close enough to reach out and touch these beauties. I was initially going to say your post has me excited for spring - but actually, it shows me that I can get out and enjoy the beauty NOW, even amid snow and brisk temps. Thank you for that!