Saturday, March 9, 2013

crochet Iowa

It's been over ten years since I crocheted anything. Before I quit, I made two afghans -- one large enough for a king size bed. I burnt myself out with that project so sold my supplies. Lately I've had an itch to pick it up again, so I enrolled in one of the crochet classes through Craftsy. The photo above is my first attempt at double crochet stitch. Would like to say I planned for it to look like the state of Iowa, but haha -- nope. It was supposed to be square. Looks like I've got lots of practicing to do. The first project I want to tackle is making a tote bag for my ultrabook.

And yes, I know I'm all over the place with my crafts. I enjoy them all so skip around a lot. Would be good to land on one long enough to get good at it. That will come at some point... for now, just having fun. I hope you're having fun too! 

"If you're not having fun - I don't care what you're doing - don't do it. Move on. Find something else, life's too short." ~ Jerry Doyle 


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Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I too create in a lot of mediums. I get bored easily and always have to have something to do with my hands. I love crocheting and knitting. Good for you for picking it back up.
Have a nice Sunday