Saturday, August 22, 2009

my first charm swap



This month I participated in a charm swap with the Yahoo group Altered Art of Visions and Dreams. Each of us created three charms no larger than 1-1/2", and each with a silver jump ring. I decided to use Friendly Plastic for mine. Considering this was only my second time using Friendly Plastic, there was some trial & error, but it was all fun. Instead of using a rubber stamp to create a recessed image, I used a broken broach of my Grandmother's. For the back, I cut a circle from the metal portion of an old floppy diskette (remember those?), hammered it to create texture, then applied metal ink to it. After attaching the front to the back, I dipped each charm in gloss glaze for protection along with a nice shine.

These charms were a lot of fun to make and I'm anxious to make more Friendly Plastic pieces, as a variety of ideas have been swimming in my head.

What about you? Have you played with Friendly Plastic? Do tell....


Linda Peterson Designs said...

Love it! Great job! Did you know we gave a Friendly Plastic blog?

Would love to trade links with you and share this post as a feature on the blog. Keep up the inspiring work!

LindA Peterson

Kimberly said...

Love this charm Di! I wish I had gotten it in the trade. What exactly is Friendly Plastic? I never heard of it. Great idea using the brooch back. I have my great aunt's costume jewelry. I usually recycle pieces into the bags that I make, but now I may have to look at what I can do if I take a piece apart.

Anonymous said...

wow that is stunning. More charms please !!
Hugs June xx