Sunday, August 30, 2009

fall jewelry set & discovering my purpose

I had high hopes going into this weekend to play with Friendly Plastic &/or polymer clay to make some unique jewelry pieces. Alas, it wasn't meant to be this weekend. I did, however, squeeze in some time last night to bead/wire a necklace & earring set for one of my favorite fall blouses.

Today I browsed through the fall calendar of local adult education classes. I seriously considered the precious metal clay class, but decided I have enough stuff to play with already, without adding something new just now. I want to play with what I've got first! I did, however, sign up for a class (almost always do... just can't resist). It's entitled, "Discover Your Purpose." My husband just smiled & laughed a little when I told him the two classes I'd considered & which one I chose, saying he knew it would be either arts/crafts or self-discovery/help. What can I say? {smile}...

How about you? What's the last class you signed up for?

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Therese said...

I just signed up for 'Painted Fabric Collage' thru Creative Workshops. I know I will sign up for another classthru them at a later date. I too have so many things to do...I feel like just a collector of goodies found on sale, well organized but crying out to be played with LOL! Love the necklace and earrings, especially the chain! Tres chic!