Saturday, May 23, 2009

birthday "cards"

My husband's birthday was Friday. We took the day off to celebrate together, as we do every year. Since he already received his gifts before his birthday, I wanted to come up with something to surprise him. He's commented on occasion that I make cards (as in greeting) for everyone but him. So this year, I decided to make cards for him. But, instead of greeting cards, I made playing cards so he could "deal" the day however he wanted it to play out. It was a big hit. Here are the steps I came up with, in case you want to do something similar for someone you love.
  • Decide what you want on the cards. I used categories such as food & drink, movies, culture, outdoors, road trip, etc. Click on the photos to see what I mean.

  • Create a 3-column table in Microsoft Word or similar program, setting the column height at 3.5" & the width at 2.5"

  • Type in the table cells & use available clip art to add visuals & color. Print. I used glossy photo paper, but this isn't necessary.

  • Make a generic version for the card backs. Print.

  • Trim excess from all printed pages, keeping the table of 9 cards still together, 3 columns & 3 rows per page.

  • Glue card fronts to card backs. I used my tape gun, but if I do this again, I'll use the adhesive cartridge with my Xyron.

  • Laminate the fronts & backs. I used the two-sided lamination cartridge with my Xyron, but any lamination product should work.

  • Cut the cards. Use a small corner punch on all four corners of every cards. Note, however, this was extremely tough on my punch, so I'll be buying a new one at some point.

  • Print two of the generic card backs on one page of card stock. Cut and glue/tape to create card box.


Jodi said...

Di - these are fantastic. I love the idea and might have to CASE it for an upcoming special birthday for my DH (November). Thanks for sharing the idea! LOVE IT!

di from di-did-it said...

Hey, thanks, Jodi! I hope your guy enjoys the idea as much as mine did! It was a fun little project.

Caryn Lynn said...

This is such a creative gift idea!
I want to thank you, yesterday I received your card and it really brightened my day. My life has been really busy lately and the swap slipped my mind so it was a real treat to get a surprise in the mail. Today I'll be mailing you a little pocket full of creativity. Thanks, Caryn

Stepping off the edge said...

Now that is a creative idea! very cool! Your mind amazes me :o)