Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back in the game & having fun!

I've finally beaten that nasty bug and feel great! Thank you to those who sent kind words & well wishes my way.

It's been over a month since I created anything in the studio (ok, that ~ studio ~ feels weird to say, but DH has been encouraging me to use that term and believe in myself more). I took this afternoon and created three cards, figuring that was the area I'm most comfortable in, so it's a good way to ease back into the creative world.

Sunday I discovered Dover stencils at the book store & bought the CD. I've had trouble in the past getting my Silhoutte software to recognize the outline of images I would import in. Luckily the software worked great with these stencils.

Tomorrow's my dad's 78th birthday, and a good excuse to try out my new Prismacolor markers. The purple birthday card below may not seem like a man's card due to the flower theme, but he's a gardener and nature lover so he'll appreciate it. Besides, it's from his baby princess, who can do nothing wrong (yeh, right.... ha ha). The ridges aren't a scanning defect, I crimped the piece after it was done but before adhering it to the card itself.

I had a fantastic time playing this afternoon and can't wait to get back in the studio this weekend!

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Carrie said...

The cards are very nice. Now get ya butt busy on ya challenge piece or I will sic Heather on ya lolol