Sunday, November 9, 2008


copyright 11/2008 di-did-it
8 x 8 canvas

I completed "play" this evening. This one was fun to make ~ I love taking my propane torch to copper. To modify the grommets, I used a dremmel to scuff them up and an engraver to write words on them.


akatrix said...

I absolutely love your "play" canvas. Should I put a propane torch on my Christmas list? I love the look it gives! See you like Chris Cozen...I got to take a class with her recently. She's an awesome teacher! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

di-did-it said...

Hey, Pat! Thanks for coming to see me and posting the kind words. Classes from Tim Holtz & Chris Cozen?! I'm going to have to move out west & become your shadow! :)

Oh, and yes, definitely put a propane torch on your list. Watching the copper change color is sooooo cool. They say a heat gun will do it too, but I tried it and just didn't have the patience.


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Another very nice piece Miss Di! I want to know how to torch things! (all sorts of things actually!) I'm impressed! A drommel and engraver too? If you're a tool girl, you need to check out DeMeng and Opie and Linda O'Brian (think I spelled those right - it's late and I'm tired) You may be a 3-dimensional girl too! Anyway, love it!

di-did-it said...

Thanks, Marsha! I love 3-d metal art ~ just bought a small piece Sunday at a show. Maybe some day hubby & I will have welding equipment & a plasma cutter.... oh the fun we'd have! :)

Thanks for the tip on the O'Briens as I hadn't caught wind of them before.