Thursday, November 20, 2008

five years ago....

This will be one of my rare long verbal outpours, so please bare with me...

I think it was around 1996 when I started making cards for family & floral arrangements for around the house. In 2001, I purchased a digital camera and started taking pictures… entering 4 in our 2003 state fair. All 4 got in (one even received honorable mention ~ that was a confidence builder!). It was time to start a little side biz... I’d sell silk flower arrangements, photo d├ęcor & greeting cards & call it "di-did-it, creations by di." After a couple bazaars & a few custom pieces, it was apparent floral arrangements weren’t hot sellers. Most weren’t willing to pay enough to cover costs when they could get something for less money at a chain store. “Unique” didn’t go far.

That next year I again submitted 4 photos to the fair & all were rejected. I felt personally rejected (silly me, I know). I took a break and came back focused on cards. The last couple of years, when life allowed (e.g. took advantage of 2008 water damage to remodel entire lower level & now the area is even better), I’ve tried to branch out. I play with the typical card tools/techniques, but also clay, metal, canvas & acrylics (and yes, still the occasional photo). I’m having a blast. All I have to do is win the lottery (although I’ve heard you have to actually play in order to win) so I can do this full time!

So, what’s with the title? Five years ago today is when I got my sales license and di-did-it became official. That original business plan has gone out the window, but I like how things have evolved and I’ve grown. It will be interesting to see what’s happening in another five years. With any luck, I’ll have garnished enough experience & skill to be selling items that I'd call "art."
If nothing else, I’m making new friends through my blog and the yahoo groups I’m in, and that in itself brings me great joy.

We’re taking a holiday this weekend ~ heading north for some fun/frivolity. I'm hoping to have some pictures to share. TTFN.

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