Friday, August 19, 2011

our state bird at our state fair

We enjoyed a great day at the Iowa State Fair Wednesday. I snapped this photo of the state bird of Iowa at one of the gardens while we snacked on freshly made mini donuts for breakfast. Yes, I gave in to a sugary treat at 8am but was a good girl the rest of the day with a veggie corn dog for lunch and lots of water (ok, and a couple wheat beers before we left - smile).

Speaking of photos, my new camera arrived after we got home from the fair and I'm LOVING it! I haven't played much, but what I've seen of it so far has be very excited. This fun new toy might mean I have more photos to share (that give-and-take thing, since I enjoy so many of everyone else's photos on their/your blogs). Until next time....



Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That bird is absolutely posing for you!!!
I have heard finches this year, but only seen a few. I think they stay to the fields, where the thistle seed is.
Glad you like/love your new camera!


Beadwright said...

The state fair and a new camera now that's a great day.
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Cathee said...

lovely photo!!! it is so colorful..PS thanks for popping in at my blog and encouraging me today!