Sunday, May 29, 2011

beaded earrings

I joined another quick swap today ~ this time for earrings. I haven't made jewelry for months, and needed to get my supplies out to repair a bracelet for my sister, so it seemed like a great idea. And as always, I had fun! I've had these beautiful glass beads for quite awhile, but don't have any clothing in these colors so they are perfect to use for a swap. The earring wire itself is gold-plated, so will hopefully be ok for my swap partner.

I had so much fun, I decided to make something for myself. I'd purchased these pewter moons moons ago (ha ha). They pair well with the dragonfly and glass beads. It's simple bead work, but they are one of a kind and all mine, and each time I wear them, I'll remember the relaxing afternoon I enjoyed making them.

"The ability to embrace my ordinariness makes me feel extraordinary." ~ Jana Kennon



Tess said...

Beautiful creations and I love the ending quote.

Jodi said...

So pretty -- love both creations!!!

Gina said...

Lucky swap partner with those lovely brown/greens! And your pair are so cute!

Dove said...

I absolutely LOVE your earrings! I have tons of colors in those rich earthy colors, and wear the earrings you made proudly. I love showing them off!