Sunday, August 8, 2010

my 1st solo shop project since jr high

Well, it's not art, but I did create something this weekend...

I've used essential & carrier oils to blend my own body oils the past few years. It was a logical choice when the producer of my favorite body oil discontinued the product. I did a little research, purchased the supplies at a local store & just started experimenting. I found that while I loved the results, the oils were pricey locally & the choices somewhat limited. My supplies were dwindling. What to do?

Internet research indicated Young Living is a leader in essential oils so when my friend/massage therapist invited me to a YL seminar last month, I went to learn more. While their essential oils might indeed be some of the purest on the market, they are simply out of my price range. With more research, I found others that will meet my needs as well as my pocketbook

My reference guide & "ultimate aromatherapy set" arrived late last week. I was like a kid on their birthday! Where to start? What do to first? That was simple for someone who can't resist organizing things. Storage was the first order of business! The oils needed to be someplace they could be easily & quickly retrieved. The solution? Ask hubby to donate scrap wood and allow me to use his shop tools (being stubbornly independent, I'm tickled to say the only help I asked for & received from him was attaching the pneumatic staple gun to the air compressor).

Next step? Learn more about the oils themselves. Having found no classes locally, and not willing to pay the prices for what I've found for online classes (is it obvious I'm, shall we say, budget conscious? :), I'll set aside a little time here & there to read through the 300+ page book I ordered.

So what have you all been up to lately? I intend to blog hop later today/tonight to find out. First I'm driving about an hour north to mow my mother's yard & visit her & my aunt. I'm looking forward to the road time as I have a new audio CD that I'm thoroughly enjoying ~ "I Can Do It" by Louise L. Hay. Anyhoo... c'ya soon in blogland!

Love your life,


Whisperings 13 said...

yeaaa HAAA! Power tools!!
oh- sweetie- that IS ART!!
Well done! i am very impressed!!!

and you mix oils too! oh- you def. rank in the my hero book! i am always on the lookout for oils- as a) i detest the perfum-E *sorry* crap they sell in the stores b) i'm allergic to almost everything
and c) i think i'm one of the last females around that loves the whole musky/patchi/dragons blood mix.
Luvs YOU!

jgr said...

Congrats on your beautiful new shelf! you put me to shame! I have some stamp shelves similar to yours but . . . DH built them for me. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.