Wednesday, October 7, 2009

postscript to virtual studio tour

I had a great time this past weekend visiting all the studios on the tour (at least I think I made it to all of them). What a visual treat to see such varied work spaces, each enabling those creative souls to express themselves and make this world a better place. My special thanks to those of you who visited my studio via my blog and especially those who left a kind comment. You truly brightened my day.

Speaking of comments, I received several comments about the metal strip at the bottom of one of the shelving units. I'd like to share a few more of these little niceties that make the area so functional. If you can take away a helpful idea from here, my mission is complete {smile}.

Drawer slides work great for printers that open on top for scanning and for other items that need to be opened from the top when used (like my Silhouette).

An eight-outlet electrical strip attached under the work surface makes getting power easy, without the inconvenience of cords draped across the work surface. A peel-n-stick ruler (this one is 48") attached to the work surface means there's one less item to get in the way.

Modular shelving made from inexpensive mdf (medium density fiberboard) allows for wonderful flexibility. The majority of the shelves in my area are like the one pictured above. They can be hung (see next photo) or stacked. The slots allow thin panels to be inserted either horizontally or vertically as needed.

The shelves can be hung any number of ways, but we found this method to be the most flexible. A wedge-shaped board is screwed to the back of the shelf and two boards, the top one also wedge-shaped, are screwed to the wall. The board attached to the shelves nestles into the top board on the wall while the bottom board on the wall keeps the entire shelving unit equal distance from the wall, top to bottom.

Last but not least, is handy parcel paper and gift wrap storage (please ignore the dust ~ I'd rather be creating than cleaning).

If you have any questions or tips you'd like to share, please post a comment or send an email to me. I welcome your input!


Melissa said...

Your studio is itself a piece of art!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love seeing how things are efficiently stored! I wish where I had my computer I had a pull out tray for the keyboard, but it's anothe antique table and the front won't allow it.
But I'm still *thinking*.....
And dust is good; it is a coating to preserve what is beneath!


K said...

A peel-n-stick ruler?? What a great idea. Now, where could I find one in centimeters? Better make one myself :)

Pam said...

Tried to reply to your e mail Di, but it bounced back. So I'll leave it here:
"Thanks so much again Di. It was a fun tour. Still haven't finished them all yet!

Cheers, Pam." :-)

pyesquire said...

Great help I am getting my first at home work shop with furniture from ikea and I will be adding a rack for rolls of paper( wine rack) now Thanks for the idea
Pye stop by and see me