Saturday, October 10, 2009

clove & our first snow

I awoke this morning congested & with a sore throat. Boy, did that hit fast, as I felt great last night. Hopefully it'll pass as quickly as it came. To help in that regard, I cancelled today's plans and am laying low. I did some online research about which essentials oils are good for my condition and unfortunately, didn't find a lot of consistency amongst the various websites I visited. A couple mentioned clove, and since that's one of my favorites and I have it on hand, I chose it. If it doesn't work, at least I'll enjoy the aroma. It's such a warm fall scent.

I had another surprise when I awoke this morning ~ our first snow of the season. Large, fluffy flakes floated gently about, bringing a crisp freshness to the air. I took these photos early in the day, from our patio door. A little over an inch accumulated before it all melted away this afternoon. The photo below shows it on a cob web ~ interesting, huh?

Stay healthy out there!


Melissa said...

I am not sure about colds, but my son swears by peppermint oil for headaches. When he was young he would get them all the time. I hated medicating him so much so I went into the organic grocery store and inquired at the pharm counter and that is what they recommended. He puts it on his fingers and rubs it into his temples. Maybe it's the massage, maybe it's the scent, or maybe it really is the oil, but it always works! Take care!

Deb said...

Wow! Snow already? Fall just got here and Winter's pushing its way in. Stay warm and get better soon.

Whisperings 13 said...

hmm. you'd better stay healthy! you have entirely to much to do! I have used cloves in the past- with success, and Melissa is correct- a few drops of peppermint oil works wonders for tension and migraines! (I prefer the drops in a hot bath- yummy relaxation)
hop over and check out the new blog- tell me how i did.. the only good thing about being ill- is once your well again- it's like a rebirth! lol
oh boy. snow... crud. that means I'm next... off to the wood pile!
stay well sweetie.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I so wish the snow was here....
Do watch yourself; that was how my flu started and was full blown in three days---ick! Never been so sick in years.
take care and hope you're just under the weather and not really *down*.