Saturday, February 13, 2010

1st photos in the light box & fp/glass pendant

I set up the light box last night and experimented a bit, then changed some things around this afternoon and experimented some more. I'm sure I'll be tweaking things a bit as it gets more use, but it will definitely get more use. Thank you, Chris, for sharing your inexpensive option.

Here are a couple photos of the altered Friendly Plastic pendant. I used a Dremel to grind down a mirrored glass piece (by Diamond Tech) and a craft iron to remove enough fp from the original fp piece to accommodate the glass. The back of the pendant is embossed pewter. Everything but the top of the glass and the bail is sealed with glaze. I like the results and am anxious to create more fp pieces. Have you tried this fun medium yet?


rivergardenstudio said...

These pieces are great, and I love that you made your own light box. Have a beautiful week. roxanne

Amaco said...

Thanks for using our Friendly Plastic material - this is beautiful! I will share your work on our Facebook (Amaco Crafts) and Twitter (AMACOCrafts) accounts.

Chris said...

Beautiful pendants! I haven't played with Friendly Plastic for years.....must find where I put it. Hope the light box is working out for you.