Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's been well over two months since I created anything in the studio. Admittedly, it's a bit intimidating to get back into it... but I will. I cleaned the work area today in hopes inspiration or my muse would show up this evening. No luck yet, but I did come across a poem I wrote 06/20/09:

dusk is falling
and you've changed.
you're not the person you were
in the midday sunshine.
I don't know you anymore.
did I ever know you
or did I just see
what you wanted me to see?
maybe I never looked hard enough.
did I not care enough to know
or did I somewhere
deep inside
know I wouldn't like what I found
if I squinted & looked into the sun.
is this your dark side
come out to play in the twilight?
it's playing with you
as much as the rest of us.
you're just too close to see it.
caught up in the exciting rush
the evening breeze
is taking you away.
a storm is here.
we're trying to pull you to cover
while you insist on being swept away.
at some point
we must save ourselves.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Di,

The poem is beautiful!!! Maybe that can be an inspiration for a studio piece.
I have ALWAYS found, without exception, that when I am out of the studio for long amounts f time it is dreadful trying t get the creative muse recharged and restarted.
Even when I go from medium to medium (clearing out the paint for a sewing commission) I have the same issue. I have found that being on a deadline makes it easier to restart, though not FUN, but it works.
I always recommend some start with a doddle or something insignificant, in a lined writing tablet---where it's not *art*.
It seems to flow from there...slowly...but flows.
Here's to hoping you feel the need to have studio time, and the inspiration to push you in!


Therese said...

Once again you have 'wow'd' me! I didn't know you were such an accomplished poet! And you also write directions very clearly (i.e. the friendly plastic)! As always, you are a great inspiration to me and help me move myself toward creating! Thank you for all you've given, to so many in so many ways!