Tuesday, June 9, 2009

an amazing book, a wren house and a quote

Tonight I finished "Life is a Verb" by Patti Digh. Well, finished my first reading ~ this book will not be placed on a shelf to gather dust. It was one of the most moving & insightful books I've ever read. Reading it these past few months (this is not a book to rush through) I've laughed, cried, written notes, done some of the action exercises, highlighted passages & quotes and tabbed so many pages with colored post-it tape it looks like it's got fringe! If you haven't read this book, I encourage you to check it out!

Afterwards, I strolled through the garden with my camera. The wrens came back again this year, nesting in a ceramic acorn. Funny, we have about a dozen wooden houses we put out for them, and they choose this acorn which was meant to be just decorative. Hey.... whatever they want they can have.... I'm just tickled they're here! I'm continually amazed at how loud those tiny little birds can be with their songs.

Lastly, I want to share a favorite quote in follow-up to my poem from Sunday.

"The only fundamental rule for me is to just be yourself. Let your freak-flag fly, and if someone doesn't get you, move on." ~ Drew Barrymore

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Caryn Lynn said...

I will definitely check out this book. Great quote by the fab Drew.I love her sassiness.